Throughout my education the person who made the greatest impression on me was a religion teacher. His passion was storytelling: tales made up as he went along and which invariably reached their climax just as the lesson drew to a close. We longed feverishly for the next lesson: truly divine instruction.

My articles capture tales on paper – and captivate readers with the stories told. So, whether I’m writing about education policies, travel or medical research, people are always the focus of my work. After all, a story is only heard if it is told about - and understood by us.

Just drop into my little office in the Ökohaus, Frankfurt. And then we can drink that cappuccino under a palm tree beside our in-house babbling brook.

... I’d love to be able to offer you a cappuccino, but sadly I can’t here in my virtual office. Still I’d like to tell you something about my work ...