Classic journalism for daily and weekly papers is how everything started for me, and I continue to work across the spectrum from short new items to in-depth reports.

A successful
newsletter offers real benefits to the reader and is written in an entertaining style. These were the characteristics of the Job-newsletter, issued by the German weekly paper Die Zeit. A key role in setting up, writing and generally helping the newsletter become so successful was had by myself. To this day, it is still being imitated.

It’s easy to talk about
content but harder to deliver. A popular website distinguishes itself through important and involving, clear and concise core texts which easily and effectively draw the reader into ever greater virtual depths of your Website.

Articles for
corporate publications depend upon informed and realistic reports. Consumer-relevant press releases are as much a part of my repertoire as well-researched reports and lively portraits are.

A bad text is like no text at all – it will not be read. This may also have to do with a failure to think through the target readership. Editorial work can change a lot by improving content, structure and orthography.