Foto Fachjournalistin Gerda Kneifel

I have been employed as a freelance journalist concentrating on
education, medicine and natural sciences since 1989.
Occasionally, I write
reports of my journeys.

My road to journalism started with a biology course at the University of Paris at Orsay, though at the time I suspected nothing about how this would influence my later vocation. That only became clear to me once I had begun to study German alongside biology in Marburg. In 1991 an Erasmus scholarship for theatre studies took me back to Paris, and in 1993 I completed my joint course in Frankfurt am Main with Dipl. and MA degrees. Theatre, film and TV studies had by now become my passion, along with urban ecology and philosophy, and I began to develop and realise my ambition to work as a full time science journalist.

In the course of my studies I took on a part-time work as a Sub Editor for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and continued to do so for ten years. During this time I also experienced the work of dipa-Verlag, Frankfurt, and the magazine nature in Munich. 1994 provided a very pleasant digression in the shape of Satie/Cocteau: Misunderstandings of an Understanding, which I translated from the French for Wolke Verlag, Hofheim/Ts. IT courses brought me closer to the global village with help on setting up services on-line and journalism for the Internet.

After a number of years in the editorial office of my colleague Udo Perina, I have had my own office in the Ökohaus, Frankfurt since the year 2001.